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Aaron Naughton

Clairvoyant Medium

Aaron Naughton is a clairvoyant medium who has been working with the Spirit World for 19 years and has been passing on messages from the Spirit World for 18 years, although he has been seeing Spirit since he was a young child.

Aaron was brought up as a catholic and attended a catholic primary school. When Aaron discovered his mother, Jill Carroll, was a spiritualist he became extremely interested and wanted to know more, so at the age of 13 he attended his first spiritualist service. Within minutes of being within the church, he was amazed at the knowledge of the Spirit World and of the beautiful messages that they passed on. From this point on, he was hooked.

Aaron sat in many development and closed circles for many years and trained under the watchful eye of his Grandfather; Ken Fear and his mother Jill Carroll. He first developed abilities as a trance medium, allowing the Spirit World to channel through his body, although in 2010, the Spirit World opened the doors to allow Aaron to work for them by passing on the very messages which inspired him in the first place.

Aaron works to prove that death cannot divide us from our loved ones by passing messages from those who have passed to prove the continuity of life. He is now following in the footsteps of his mother, grandfather and great grandparents.

My Services


Aaron is available for private readings either in your own home or via telephone or videocall. Aaron will endeavour to connect with your loved ones in the World of Spirit to pass on their messages and guidance. Each reading lasts for approximately 45 minutes (please note, Aaron does not time his readings) and all readings are recorded which you can access a digital copy to download to your PC or smart decide.

Price: $70 USD

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Do you have a burning question you want to ask the universe? Aaron can cast his runes to answer any question you may have, or ask for a general reading. After payment, Aaron will send you a PDF file with your written reading within 48 hours.

Price: $45 USD

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You can have a group reading with Aaron with 4 - 6 people in your own home (UK only). Aaron can either do short private readings or in a group where he will endeavour to connect with your loved ones in the World of Spirit and pass on their messages and guidance. All readings are recorded and you will be able to access a gitial copy of your reading recording after the session.

Price: £20 GBP per person + expenses

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Aaron has given hundreds of readings over the years and he always appreciates feedback. Here are three randomly selected testimonials from people who have recently had a reading and wanted to share their experience:

Melanie McLennan

Reading Date: 16 August 2019

"Aaron, It was so nice to have a reading with you. I feel the people you connected with were definitely for me and I appreciate so much you allowing them to communicate with me through you. You were brilliant and I cannot thank you enough. Having the recording to listen to aftward, was so Hope things go well with your move. I look forward to talking to you again! Melanie"

Dan Cavill

Reading Date: 05 January 2021

"Had a reading from Aaron the evidence that he got from spirit was brilliant and spot on the way he connected with spirit was very interesting picked up my past and what’s coming up ,I could even at the end of the reading ask any questions I want answered and that was great . I would highly recommend having a reading it’s certainly helped me and put me in the right direction. Thx Aaron "

Karen Glaze

Reading Date: 31 October 2015

"This is the first rune reading I've ever had! I have seen many mediums and clairvoyants over the years. I also feel I personally have close contact with Spirit, but when Aaron offered this I had to see what would come out, and well I was amazed with how close to the mark he was, he gave me insight to why I had my feelings and what to do about it with what is to me very hard to accept, but this is the second time I'm pushed this way....So hey I'd better start listening, I asked for a general reading but also gave a date I had in mind. This has totally blown me away, it has in fact thrown itself away from the rest of my life and emotions and there is no way Aaron could have known why and what it told him to tell me! So all I can say is thank you for your lovely gift to me in that it was a free reading, but also thank you to the higher realms for giving this gift of Aaron, may he go on to give many such blessings and healing "

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