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Aaron Naughton - Clairvoyant Medium

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Karen Glaze: "This is the first rune reading I've ever had! I have seen many mediums and clairvoyants over the years. I also feel I personally have close contact with Spirit, but when Aaron offered this I had to see what would come out, and well I was amazed with how close to the mark he was, he gave me insight to why I had my feelings and what to do about it with what is to me very hard to accept, but this is the second time I'm pushed this way....So hey I'd better start listening, I asked for a general reading but also gave a date I had in mind. This has totally blown me away, it has in fact thrown itself away from the rest of my life and emotions and there is no way Aaron could have known why and what it told him to tell me! So all I can say is thank you for your lovely gift to me in that it was a free reading, but also thank you to the higher realms for giving this gift of Aaron, may he go on to give many such blessings and healing "
Ian Don: "I was amazed at how accurate Aaron was with my rune reading. Very talented, thank you again for doing the reading xx"
David Lov: "Thank you for such a positive reading, it really showed of your talent with the well written and heart warming reading thanks so much for giving me some positivity and will have a reading again at some point."

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In November 2014, Aaron's partner was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and therefore decided to step back from his spiritual work. Aaron and his partner decided to move to the North East of England for their hospitals and family support. In May 2015, Aaron's partner had been given the all clear after several months of chemotherapy and is now officially in remission.
Aaron is currently unavailable for clairvoyant readings. He is planning on returning to giving astounding evidence of the survival of the human soul in 2016 once his partner has recovered from the chemotherapy.
We ask that healing thoughts are sent to Aaron, his partner and his family during these times.

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If you are a Spiritualist Church, a Spiritual Centre or an organisation that hosts clairvoyant evenings, you can book Aaron to attend your event. He is currently taking bookings for 2016 and will accept bookings from Spiritualist Churches and Spiritual Centres that do not take a profit. If you wish to book Aaron, please send him an email to Hello@AaronTheMedium.com.
If you are a Spiritualist Church or Spiritual Centre that does not charge an admission fee and does not aim to make a profit, Aaron only asks for his expenses to be covered and does not aim to make a profit on his work in these centres.

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